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EdgeQ Samples World’s First Software Defined 5G Base Station-on-a-Chip to Market Leaders in Enterprise, Telco and Hyperscale Cloud


EdgeQ Technology

We empower companies with an open and adaptable 5G+AI platform, hardware that is flexible and software-defined, and a platform that can scale from end client devices to high
 performance base station


Infrastructure 2.0

Open Radio Access Network

As the cellular stack becomes disaggregated and virtualized, wireless infrastructures require a fully open and programmable 5G platform that enables customers to innovate and customize, while being cost and power efficient.

Industry 4.0

Automated Guided Vehicle

Converging 5G + AI enables Autonomous Ground Vehicles to be self-driving, self-sensing, and fully collaborative to accomplish tasks.



Converging 5G+AI enables borderless medicine where doctors can collaborate and conduct high-precision remote surgery through secure, high bandwidth communications.


Digital Twin

Digital Twin requires high precision vision processing along with an ultra-reliable, low latency communication to enable remote diagnostics and virtual engineering design in real-time.

smart transportation


The next generation of infotainment requires a mix of high video bandwidth, location positioning, and cloud to provide real-time information about traffic, weather, safety, and ads.

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How it works: Base station on a chip

SEPTEMBER 02, 2021

EdgeQ samples 5G base station chip, claims Tier 1 OEM contract

AUGUST 24, 2021

EdgeQ Samples 5G Basestation-on-a-Chip

AUGUST 22, 2021

Our mission is to unify 5G+AI to inspire businesses and to build a hyper-connected world.