EdgeQ Technology

One Chip Infinitely Expressed

EdgeQ unifies wireless connectivity and artificial intelligence in a singular open design paradigm,
where customers can dynamically refactor, adapt, and customize ad infinitum at the edge.

  • Converges 5G + Artificial Intelligence
  • RISC-V based Open Platform
  • Fully Customizable Programmable PHY
  • Disruptively Small Power Footprint

Radio Unit

telecom base station

gNB Small Cell


Collaborative Robotics Automated Guided Vehicle

Fully autonomous ground vehicles require a synaptic relay to a secured edge network that can direct a fleet of AGV in an non-interfering, efficient manner. EdgeQ provides a private client-to-network 5G experience that enables

  • Precise Centimeter Location Positioning
  • Object Detection and Avoidance
  • Remote Control and Command
  • Ultra-Low Power for field service



From surgical robots to remote treatment, EdgeQ integrates AI within a 

non-compromising 5G network backbone to enable

  • 99.9999% Ultra-Reliable Communications
  • Sub-1 Millisecond Command to Actuation
  • Fine-grained Precision
  • Private and Secure Networks


Digital Twin

EdgeQ parallelizes computer vision and 5G Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) communications on a single silicon for digital twin applications to enable

  • On-device Defect and Anomaly Detection
  • Fast Remote Warning
  • Real-time Insights
  • Immersive Collaborative Experience


Autonomous Driving / Traffic

EdgeQ necessitates autonomous driving and smart traffic management 

by layering edge cloud services with vehicle positioning to enable

  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
  • Targeted traffic, weather, advertising information
  • Hazard Alerts
  • High Resolution 3-D Maps & GPS